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Benefits of Drinking water and staying hydrated

Benefits of Drinking water and staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is an essential factor in remaining healthy and active. However, most of us do not take enough quality drinking water. 60% of our body relies on water, and 71% of the surface of the planet contains water.

Maybe the global nature of water that shows drinking regularly enough is not at the topmost of numerous people’s lists of significance.

Risks of dehydration

Dehydration takes place when there is continuous water seepage. It means someone loses more liquid than he takes. This loss may occur through extreme sweating in hot weather or strict exercise or the temperature, vomiting, etc. It may also cause when someone is not drinking enough liquid.

Dehydration will cause numerous issues like absorption and minor touchiness over difficult situations like heat fatigue or serious heat blow. 

Repeated dehydration may affect the kidney systems, whereas electrolyte disparities can cause a confiscation. Mostly dehydration results in a sudden drop of blood pressure that decreases the oxygen inflowing your body.

It is also called Hypovolemic Shock. We all children, young and old people, may suffer from a degree of dehydration with classes reaching from slight or sensible to severe.

It results in a dangerous emergency that needs instant medical care. You can judge the dehydrated symptoms from dry mouth, dark urine, headache, and muscle pains. 

How much should you really drink to stay hydrated?

Medicine suggests that women drink at least 74 oz. of fluids per day. On the other hand, this liquid quantity for men increases from 9 cups to 13 cups. But it may also vary due to fever, weight, and physical activities.

The children, older and pregnant women, should take care of their physical condition and get doctor recommendations. Water just does not endure life; instead, it supports keeping you active as well as happy.

We are just not talking about the water to drink. Numerous other foods contribute to work as daily required drinking. 

Hydration food sources

You can find numerous hydration sources, such as more than 20% of your everyday fluid consumption comes from food. You should choose the precise fruit or vegetable and eat to complete your hydration process limit.

Cucumber contains a more significant amount of flood compared to any other solid food at 96.7% by weight. Moreover, it is also a natural count to lettuce or for dropping.

Celery has 95.4% water and delivers little calories, more significant moisture, and fiber amount. It is good to curb hunger. 

Furthermore, watermelon also gives useful lycopene sources such as potent anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen, which delivers red foods their color.

Facts on Drinking Water

  • There is 60% of water is present in humans, and 90% of water is present in the blood. 
  • Water is beneficial for the health of humans, like the health of kidneys and other functions of the body.
  • If you are dehydrated, then your skin can have many disorders and wrinkles.
  • Drink water instead of soft drinks or soda will help you to lose weight. 

Advantages of water drinking

1. Boost up the physical performance

When someone is not in a good dehydration position, his physical performance will not be good. It is essential while you are doing challenging exercises and in more significant heat.

If your body loses just 2% of water as required, your body will lose its energy. But it is not common for the players to lose as much as 6–10% of their water mass through sweat.

It may also result in changing your body temperature control, condensed motivation, and weight gain. The individual may feel physical and mental involvement activities challenging.

Ideal hydration is best to keep you secure from such causes. Moreover, it may also minimize the oxidative pressure which happens in strenuous exercise activities.

Your muscle contains 80% of water, and when you exercise forcefully and tend to sweat, remaining hydrated can support performing at best. 

2. Significantly affects energy levels and brain function.

Your hydration condition positively affects your brain. According to the research’s slight dehydration, like loss of 1% to 3% of body weight may threaten different brain functionality features.

In an analysis of young ladies, it is being noted that fluid loss of 1.4% after exercise reduced both temper and attention. It also amplified the headache’s regularity.

This focused research was conducted for men. In this study, it is being noted that fluid loss of 1.6% was harmful to working memory and amplified moods of worry and exhaustion.

Water harm of 1% to 3% equals about 0.5kg to 2 kg of body weight loss for an individual considering 68 kilograms.

It can merely happen via usual routine actions, in a workout, or extensive heat. It is also studied that dehydration in children and older may harm temper, memory, and brain work. 

3. Avoid and treat headaches.

Dehydration may activate headaches and migraines in some people. Studies present that headache is a general indication of dehydration.

Research in 393 people showed that 40% of the individuals faced a headache due to dehydration. Moreover, drinking water may support the release of headaches in those who face common headaches.

Drinking extra 50.7 ounces of water daily improves the Migraine-Specific superiority of the life period. 

Furthermore, 47% of the men who drank extra water experience headache betterment. On the other hand, just 25% of the men in the research section stated this result.

But this result is not 100% accurate. Further and high-quality research is required to approve how growing hydration can make better headache signs and decline pain rate.

4. Relieve constipation

Constipation is a general issue caused by unusual intestine activities and a rigid passing seat. Growing water consumption is generally suggested as a part of the conduct procedure.

Short water intake is a threat to stultification in both younger and older people. Growing hydration can support minimizing stultification. Mineral water can be a mainly helpful drink for those with stultification.

Research indicates that mineral water is amusing in magnesium and sodium advances bowel drive rate and reliability in people by stultification.

5. Treat kidney stones

Urinary stones are sore clusters of mineral crystal which form in the urinary system. The general form is kidney stones that happen in the kidneys.

However, it is studied that additional water consumption may help to avoid repetition in those people who have already faced kidney stones. The more significant amount of water consumption rises the volume of urine fleeting through the kidneys.

Such water down the absorption of raw materials; thus, they cannot form and shape up hard clumps. Moreover, water can also be used to avoid the early creation of stones. 

6. Avoid from leftovers

Leftover means the hostile indications experienced after alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a diuretic drug. Therefore, it helps to lose more water than your consumption. It can cause dehydration.

Though dehydration is not the real source of leftovers, it can reason the indications of dryness, tiredness, headache, and dry mouth. The suitable way to prevent the leftovers is to drink a glass of water during drinks and one full glass of water before sleeping.

7. It helps to lose weight. 

Drinking a more considerable amount of water may support losing weight. It is because water can raise satiation and increase your metabolic frequency. Some previous research shows that growing water consumption may cause weight loss to some extent raising your metabolism.

It can also raise the total calories you spend daily. A 2013 research of 50 young heavier women showed that intaking extra 16.9 ounces of water three times a day before getting food for eight weeks might greatly cause to reduce body weight and fat compared to past research.

The timing is also crucial. To drink water 30 minutes before food taking is the most significant operative. Hence you will feel full and will take fewer calories.

Do we drink enough water?

In 2013 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted research and organized data from the National Cancer Institute’s 2007 Food Attitudes and Behaviors Survey.

This research showed that people generally intake less than 4 cups of ingestion water daily if they spend 1 cup of fruits or vegetables per day. The research just analyzed the consumption of intake water. Water may also be obtained from other drinks. However, water is good as it does not contain calories, caffeine, and alcohol.

According to the research, the researchers found that;

Out of 3397 adults, 7% have no daily consumption of water. 36% of adults are drinking only one to three cups of water daily. 35% of adults are drinking only four to seven cups of water daily. 25% of the adults are drinking the recommended amount of water (8 cups) daily.

People were more likely to drink less than 4 cups of drinking water daily if they consumed 1 cup or less of fruits or vegetables a day.

The study only measured the intake of drinking water. Fluid can be gained from other beverages, but water is best because it is calorie-free, caffeine-free, and alcohol-free.

Tips for staying hydrated and prevent dehydration

There is an 8*8 rule for drinking water which means that eight to eight glasses of water daily. But the main purpose is staying hydrated. Most of the people do not drink enough water daily, so here are some essential tips for staying hydrated and drinking the recommended amount of water daily. 

1. Burst of flavor

If you do not like to drink water, then you can add drops or slices of lemon or cucumber in it. You can add rosemary drops in the water bottle. By changing the taste of the water, you can enjoy drinking water the whole day.

2. App for reminding

In the busy life and a lot of worries, you forget to take care of yourself and drinking water. For this purpose, you can use reminding app that will remind you to drink water at a specific time whole day. You can download any app on your smartphone. 

3. Dispenser

If you are drinking unsafe water, then you can get many other diseases like jaundice and hepatitis. According to research, every year, there are reported cases of people who are drinking unsafe water and get diseases.

You should invest in buying a dispenser for yourself, so you can drink safe water and live a healthy life. 

Final Verdict

Dehydration can cause many health problems, whether it is mild dehydration or chronic dehydration. It can affect you in both ways, physically or mentally. 

You should make sure that you are drinking enough water every day. You can set your personal goals for drinking water on a daily basis. It is the best thing you can do your healthy life.

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