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Acupressure Points to Relieve Pain and Headache

Young woman undergoing acupuncture treatment, closeup

Headache is very common in many people globally. If you don’t want to take medications and want to treat the headache in a natural way, then you should try pressure points and acupressure.

There are pressure points present in the body, but these points are very sensitive and can be used to relieve pain in the body.

In Chinese medicine, healthcare practitioners believe that if you touch the pressure points, then the pressure points can improve your health, improve the balance in the body, and ease different kinds of pains.


Reflexology is a study of the connection of human body parts to other parts, such as if you want to treat the headache, you might have to massage another part of the body.

You have to find the exact pressure points to relieve the pains, and in this article, we will discuss the acupressure points. 

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a type of therapy in which self-massage is performed in order to maintain a few health issues like labor pain, sciatica leg pain, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction in the jaw), or nausea due to chemotherapy. Its origin is from the conventional Chinese practice of medicine from over 2000 years ago. 

Physical pressure is applied on different acupuncture points throughout the body using palms, finger, or elbows. 

In what way does acupressure work?

In your body, the biggest collection of nerve fibers has acupressure points besides them, from where messages are transported from nerve endings in the central nervous system.

When pressure is applied accurately, two things happen:

  1. Pain signals are inhibited before they are fully transmitted to the brain. 
  2. Different signals are transmitted that stimulates endorphin production in the brain, which are chemicals used to lessen pain and restore general welfare. 

Self-care using acupressure is not a means to on or off the switch of pain sensation or uneasiness to just disappear. It is more like the opening and closing of gates. 

Nerve impulses are blocked or inhibited by using an acupressure mechanism on different areas of the body to stop pain from being stimulated by the brain.

With this, it also directs the brain to stimulate the production of chemical used to lower pain by releasing it into circulation.

Combined, the mechanism of opening and closing helps wellbeing to be maintained by you.  

How is acupressure helpful?

Many therapists know the acupressure points that help in many issues of health. However, three points can help to reduce pain the most that occur in every other person: body pain, headaches, and nausea or stomach ache. 

Area of acupressure points to go for

Some acupressure points should be left alone because some points can lead to uterine contractions in pregnant, so they should be avoided.   

Put some pressure using your thumb or finger on the sensitive area in your body. Press with bearable pressure and keep it still for 2-3 minutes. 

· Point LI 4: Relieves headaches

The point between the thumb and index finger is a muscular web that should be searched for and applied pressure on. But avoid this point of acupressure if you are pregnant. 

· Point PC 6: Relieves stomach aches or nausea

This point of acupressure is observed in between the large tendons and present over about 2 inches of the wrist joint on the palm side of the wrist.  

· Point LV 3: Relieves body pain. 

The area present between the big toe and second toe is the main point on top of the foot.

With the continuation of this, also inhale deeply to help your muscle relax. Lower your stress level by keeping in check physical activity and position if help is required to relax.  

Learn Acupressure from professional therapist

If you have a desire to learn acupressure, try learning from an acupuncture therapist or a certified acupressure therapist to cultivate this skill further. After learning from an expert, you can start on your own.  

Get rid of headaches with Pressure Points

Headaches can be cured by a few pressure points known to relate to headaches directly. The places where they are placed are mentioned and how to make use of them:

Union valley

Union valley points are present between the thumb and finger on its web. Headaches are treating using: 

  • Squeeze for 10 seconds the location by using your index finger and thumb of the opposite hand, but not too tightly. 
  • Move your thumb in small circles motion in one direction and then in the other one for about 10 seconds. 
  • On Union Valley point, redo the same directions with the opposite hand. 

This pressure point is associated with headaches, and this therapy can help to cure tension in the head and neck. Headaches occur due to tension. 

Drilling Bamboo Points

The location of Drilling bamboo points is present on both sides of indentations of the bridge of the nose in a place where the ridge of eyebrows meets the nose. Using these points, headaches can be cured by:

  1. Apply pressure on both points using your index finger at the same time. 
  2. Keep it in place for 10 seconds
  3. Drop it for some time and repeat it again. 

Headaches due to sinus pain or eyestrain, or pressure can be healed by applying pressure on pressure points. 

Consciousness Pressure Points

Pressure points of consciousness are present in parallel hollow areas near the base of the skull amid two vertical neck muscles. These pressure points can be used by:

  1. Using any hand to apply pressure by index or middle fingers on these points. 
  2. Steadily move the upward on either side at the same time for 10 seconds, let go and repeat.

Pressure points in Neck

Headaches due to tension are released by putting pressure on those points located in the neck. 

The location of the third eye point is between the eyebrows in a place where the nose connects with the forehead. 

  1. Using one hand, put pressure on this area using the index finger for a full minute.  

Third Eye Pressure Point

Putting strong pressure on the third eye point is believed to cure sinus pressure and eyestrain that usually leads to headache. 

The point of shoulder well is present in the corner of your shoulder, midway between the base of the neck and your shoulder point. This pressure point can be used by:

  1. Keep steady pressures using a circular motion with a thumb of one hand on this point for one minute.
  2. Change and repeat the process in the opposite area. 

Neck and shoulder stiffness is relieved by applying pressure on the shoulder in their pressure points that help to ease neck pain and avoid headaches from occurring by this method. 

Detailed research required

Even though no proper evidence regarding pressure points used to treat headaches is present, some still suggest that headaches are affected by head and shoulder massages. 

Reflexology is considered a complementary treatment due to its method being non-invasive for treating headaches. However, in case of severe headaches, visit a doctor immediately. 

Uses of Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps in restoring the aura of positive energy within the body. 

Pain is decreased by voiding the negative energy present within you. Acupuncture is known to activate many mechanisms of the body from a modern medical point of view. It helps to improve the body’s healing process. 

Your body is divided into different pressure points and zone in acupuncture. With different symptoms, different areas are targeted by the needle with various pressure points. The needles are placed close to the nerves of the body.

Hormones like endorphins are produced by the triggering of needles in the body. The activation of circulation and immune systems is how migraine and headaches are cured using acupuncture.  

Acupressure for Migraine Symptoms

· Acupoint: SP-6

The backside of the shinbone, a palm width away from the top of the inner anklebone. 

· Acupoint: St-36

Present between the leg muscle and shinbone, on the outer side, a palm width beneath the lower edge of the kneecap.


Acupressure is not used as a means to treat a chronic or acute condition or illness; however, it can be used as an adjacent therapy for some relief. 

Acupressure should not be used for headache if:

  • You are suffering from some heart condition
  • You are pregnant for more than three months
  • It is used as the only therapy for treatment; in sickness, see a doctor. 
  • It occurs 20 minutes before the start of or after ending heavy exercise, bath, or heavy meal
  • It is to be done under a bruise, mole, cut, wart, abrasion, varicose vein, or other breaks in the skin
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