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Pros and Cons of Sports Supplements

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Bodybuilding nutrition supplements and chemistry
Supplements are very helpful in healing muscle soreness, developing muscle, and being healthy while also maintaining a constant exercise routine. This article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using various sports supplements already available in the market. Dealing with all the supplements is quite difficult. Much evidence is present…

Pros and Cons of Fitness Trackers

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Exercising Man Checking Activity Tracker With Health Icons
Nowadays, the fitness tracker has grown in enormous popularity. These wearable technologies help you to live a healthier life by keeping track of your fitness level. If you are trying to lead a more physically active lifestyle or train for sports, fitness trackers are the best and easiest instrument to…

Health Risks Of A Sedentary Lifestyle

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Sedentary Lifestyle Concept
A major problem of public health is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Despite being connected to a variety of chronic health problems, sedentary lifestyles have become more and more prevalent in many countries. Many individuals with a sedentary lifestyle would probably not comply with the national recommendations on physical activity. Research…

Mental Health Breakdown During A Pandemic

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Sad man with protective face mask at home living room couch feeling tired and worried suffering depression amid coronavirus lockdown and social distancing.
In a pandemic crisis like the COVID-19, it’s normal for everyone, particularly because of social isolation, to experience higher levels of anxiety and distress. Doctors and others are especially susceptible to the negative effects of mental health as they seek to balance the task of caring for patients and their families…

Acne treatment with home remedies and supplements

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acne treatment
Acne, which affects approximately 85% of young adults, has become one of the most common skin conditions in the world. Salicylic acid, niacinamide and benzoyl peroxide are the conventional acne treatment along with being costly and having unwanted side effects, such as dryness, redness, and inflammation, but are proved to…

Magnesium Citrate and its Health benefits

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Magnesium Citrate and its Health benefits
Magnesium is the body’s fourth-largest mineral, mainly contained within our bones. We have to get this mineral from our diet or supplements because our bodies cannot produce magnesium. Magnesium supplements in various types, including magnesium citrate, are available. What Is Magnesium Citrate? Magnesium citrate is an over-the-counter preparation made from…

8 Stress Management Techniques

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Stress Management Techniques
Stress is the “psychological, physiological and behavioral reaction of a person who feels that the demands put on him or her do not balance with their capacity to meet those demands, and that leads to illness of health over a period of time.” Stress symptoms Every human being experiences different…

What is Cirrhosis? Causes and Treatment

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Cirrhosis Causes and Treatment
Cirrhosis is known as the last stage of scarring (fibrosis) of the liver. The reason cirrhosis is caused due to many forms of liver diseases and conditions such as hepatitis and chronic alcoholism. It seeks to heal itself every time that the liver is injured, whether by illness, excessive alcohol…